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Quality hoses for plumbing or drinking water installations.

Stainless steel hoses for plumbing or drinking water?

As a manufacturer of plumbing, drinking water and HVAC connections, we note that both safety and hygiene play a very important role in our daily lives. Think, for example, of non-contact faucets or household taps that transform running water into drinkable sparkling or boiling water. However, such applications also require the use of high-quality flexible hoses that guarantee both safety and hygiene.


Our epdm flexible hoses are ideal for your plumbing applications. These flexible epdm hoses have a stainless steel braid and are available in sizes DN6 to DN50. If you wish to obtain flexible hoses with a drinking water certification such as WRAS, KIWA, DVGW or CSTB / QB, then we can certainly provide these. Our quality hoses are also ideal for connecting drinking water applications, such as the latest kitchen taps with filter function, sparkling water taps, boiling water taps, etc.

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Looking for a connection specially designed for drinking water applications? Then you can opt for our certified epdm hoses or our DVGW-approved stainless steel silicone hoses. Our silicone hoses are highly hygienic, odorless and tasteless. The drinking water certificate guarantees top quality. Moreover, these silicone flexible connections are very easy to install due to their flexibility.

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Increase your ease of installation and choose for a customized connection. As a Belgian manufacturer, we are specialized in making custom-made flexible hoses and are able to find the right solution for your application.

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