Plutone PF pump hoses

Study case

As a European manufacturer in connection hoses we are mainly specialized in the production of flexible braided hoses for plumbing applications, HVAC and heating systems, and drinking water installations. However, we also have over 40 years of experience in customized projects! And ultimately our core business is the production of quality flexible connections for transporting water.  

So, about two years ago, we came across an industrial producer of water pumps. This industrial customer occasionally orders flexible braided hoses for plumbing applications. However, at that moment he was looking for a supplier to develop a production line of premium pump hoses.

In the water pump industry, there appears to be a lot of debate about the varying quality of different types of pump connections. After all, it seems that these connections play a major role in whether a water pump is operating accurately. The most dominant complaints concerning water pumps are suction problems. Did you know that 90% of these issues are due to pump hose connections and are not related to a mechanical problem of the pump?

So what are the most common problems?
First of all, a lot of hoses are quit stiff, they can't bend enough and make a kink. In addition, a lot of suction and discharge hoses seem to have no or limited reinforcement. In both cases, the hoses collapse due to negative pressure and the pump fails to reach its full suction capacity.

The solution? A premium hose with extra reinforcement - Plutone PF Hoses

When using connection hoses with water pumps, durability, quality and long life are important. That’s why our industrial client insisted on premium quality connection hoses. So we started looking for a solution.

During our search for suitable connections with reinforcement, we finally ended up with a European manufactured product.

Plutone PF is an industrial flexible hose made from TPE-S hygienic rubber with a steel spiral and polyester reinforcement. Plutone PF has excellent resistance to ozone, aging, UV rays and weather conditions. In addition, these hose connections are also tasteless and odorless.

After several experiments, we finally decided to work with Plutone PF. These rubber hoses are very resistant to negative pressure and therefore ideal as suction and pressure hoses for connecting a water pump.

To this day, our client and we are happy with this new range of pump hoses. Our Plutone PF pump hoses are excellent for connecting rainwater pumps, groundwater pumps, water pumps, and so on. As these suction and discharge hoses are of premium quality, consequently our industrial pump manufacturers and their distributors no longer receive alarming complaints.


Do you have a similar project or are you looking for high quality suction and pressure hoses?

Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be happy to help you and look for the ideal solution!

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