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Flexible hoses

Oxytight - DIN 4726 hoses

Discover Oxytight, butyl rubber hoses, oxygen diffusion tight according to the DIN 4726 standard. These hoses are standard braided with stainless steel wire in combination with 1 black polyamide wire. This way you can quickly distinguish the Oxytight braided hoses from our other types of hoses.

Butyl rubber limits oxygen diffusion to <0.1g/m3/day, so our oxytight hoses meet with the DIN 4726 standards. This means there is less risk of corrosion and pressure loss in the piping systems of your installations. Furthermore, these connections can be used for both cooling and smart heating and are suitable for systems with a glycol mixture (max. 30% glycol).

Our Oxytight hoses are ideal for air conditioning and heating applications: For example, to connect your heating system, cooling system, fan coil unit, air conditioning ceiling, surface heating, etc. In addition, we guarantee a 10-year warranty on our hoses.


Please contact our offices for information about technical specifications and certified products or visit the website of the corresponding certification.


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